Strange Majik+Cherrye J. Davis

When your friends happen to be ridiculously skilled and talented musician/producers like Dave Patillo, and he asks you to get down and feature on his band's new album, you say YES. "Soul Crisis" is out, and the reviews are glowing!  Check us out on my feature vocals on "Don't Let the Demagogue Get You Down"!  

Plastic Angel of the Month + Cherrye J. = Your March 2016

Check out this track produced and collaborated on by the amazing team at Plastic Angel of the Month. This month I got to spit on an epic track called "Quiet". Get in! And check out the monthly releases of Plastic Angel of the Month!

Deathrow Tull- Pressure

DRT swinging back in with more funky synth rap for y'all asses. Check this one, and get IN. Featuring Stephen Rawking (Rhymes/vocals), WMD Dubois (Rhymes/Vocals), Endo Kalrissian (Guitar), Every Part of the Buffalo (Drums), Schroeder's Cat (Keys), Benjamin Frankenstein ( Bass), and yours truly, Skurt Vonnegut Jr (Rhymes, Vocals). Get in.