Self-Accusation: The Remix!!!! It's Here!!!

Yo Yo Yo!

Self-Accusation, a play by Peter Handke,  mixes with footage, interviews, poets, and black bodies to ask "What goes into building the black identity in America?". The incredible Gabriel Stelian-Shanks is in the director seat, and I'll be privileged to join my partner in art Nilan Johnson for this workshop performance this MONDAY AUG. 29th, 7pm. We're talking playtime. We're talking music icons. We're talking BLM. We're talking about right now and yesterday.  And YOU'RE Invited!

Where? Access Theater, 380 Broadway, New York, NY 10013

When? Monday Aug. 29th. 7pm. 

Want tickets? Yeah you do. Email for reservations (It's invite only!)

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Self- Accusation, Round 1

Laguardia Performing Arts Center, July 18-20th, 2016 @ 7pm

Ticket Reservations: 

I'm in this play about identity.

How devastating that in real life, perceptions of identity can lead to I or my father or my best friend or my love being killed in cold blood, the footage going viral and the perps perhaps walking...probably walking.

How fortunate to have a black body, my own black body to use for storytelling, for affirming life, for holding the mirror up to nature.

Come check out this powerful piece of theater!