Cherrye J. Davis

Email: Cherrye                                                               Hair: Dk. Brown/ Eyes: Dk. Brown

                            Cell: 917-692-5419                                                                                               Voice: Alto/ Mezzo                                  


NY Theater                                                                                                                

Trojan Women                                                   Helen                            Oppressed in Heels/Dir: N. Claridad

Manna-Hata: The Wonder City                           Shirley Chisholm    Peculiar Works/ Dir: K. Amshoff, B. Rowell

       Caesar and Cleopatra                                           Cleopatra           Workshop Theater Company/ Dir: T. Herman

The Crucible                                                                    Tituba              PHTS Theater School/ Dir: M. Robinson

Hope Speaks @ National Black Theater Fest.       Ensemble            National Black Theater Fest./ Dir. J. McCrory

The Love Letter You’ve Been Meaning to Write NY                Micky          3LD. / Dir. Jonathan Solari

Immortal: The Gilgamesh Variations                        Ishtar               The Forge/ Dir. Gabriel Shanks

Hope Speaks @ La Mama                                       Ensemble           The Movement Theatre Co./ Dir. J. McCrory

Bintou                                                                          Chorus              The Movement Theatre Co./Dir. D. Mendizabal

The Forgetting of Things/Peter Pan             Tigerlily, Starkey            The Centrifuge Productions/Dir: A. Neisler

Romeo and Juliet                                                    Queen Mab           Busted Muffin Productions/ Dir: S. Ghajarrahimi

For Flow                                                                    Roxanne               25 to Life Productions/Dir: Kesav Wable

Hamlet                                                     Lucianus/ Various roles         Classical Theater of Harlem/ Dir:Alfred Preisser

Colored Museum                                 Lala L’Amazing Grace            Harlem School of the Arts/ Dir: Alfred Preisser

Women and Wallace                                           Psychiatrist              Harlem School of the Arts/ Dir: Alfred Preisser

For Colored Girls …                                            Lady in Red              Gap Show, Mainstage Tisch Drama, NYU

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot                       Saint Monica             Playwrights Horizons Theater School/ Dir: J. Snyder

Sideshow                                                         Sugar                     Playwrights Horizons Theater School/ Dir: S. Ghajarrahimi

Polaroid Stories                                                  Euryidice              Playwrights Horizons Theater School/ Dir: D. Mendizabal


Original/ Self-Produced Pieces

The Gift                                                         Narrator               New Brooklyn Theater/ Dir: J. Solari

Dreams in Scar Space                                  C                                        Playwrights Horizons Theater School/ Dir: C. J. Davis



Kitty Bainbridge is Dead                       Merline                    Reel 5 Collective/ J. Bradley

For Flow                                                    Roxanne                      25 to Life Productions/ HBO Short Film Finalist, 2010

Cold April                                               Khatitti                              Burning Clown Productions/

Slave Narratives                                   Slave narrator              Nickelodeon/ Lucky Duck Productions



Reading             Endangered Species                                    Drama League/Dir. Nathaniel P. Claridad

Reading          Upon The Fragile Shore                                Drama League/Dir: Gabriel Shanks

Workshop       Manna-Hata                                                    Peculiar Works/ Dir: B. Rowell

Reading             The Gift                                                The Forge Theater Company/ Dir. G. Shanks

Workshop        2010,2011 Will-A-Thon                       The Workshop Theater Company/ Dir: Charles E. Gerber

Reading            Go Green Reading Series 2009                   The Movement Theater Company


Education/ Training                                                                                                    

Workshop Theater Company

Shakespearean Text and Technique- Charles E. Gerber (Workshop Theater Co.)

Playwrights Horizons Theater School (Acting, Design, Directing, Playwriting)

Ray Virta, Marleen Pennison,  Francine Zerfas, Michael Krass, Ruth Pongstaphone

School of Performing Arts in LaGuardia High School at Lincoln Center, NY

Acting: Harry Shifman, Lee Lobenhoffer, James Moody, Gregory Schneider

Harlem School of the Arts College Prep Theater Program

 Shakespeare, Acting-Alfred Preisser (Classical Theater of Harlem)


Special Skills                                                                                                               

Dialect-Cockney dialect, Standard British, Southern U.S., Urban African-American (North-East U.S.)

Dance-Hip Hop, Dancehall, West African, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Basic Belly-dance, Basic Swing

Voice-Jazz, Pop, Contemporary Musical Theater, Hip Hop, RnB, Spoken word/Slam Poetry